AVG CloudCare Packages

Basic Package

This package is for the people that want to be protected but without the extras this package includes the following:

  • 1 year of AVG Cloud Care
  • Customer Support for as long as you own the license
  • Peace of mind that you never have to worry about updates or scans
  • State of the art care with the best computer repair shop on your side
  • All this for only $85.99 per year per computer

Silver Package

If you do somehow become infected, we will notify you of this and offer assistance in removing the infection. Whereas before viruses can linger in the background for long periods of time without you knowing. Slowing your computer down or in some cases extracting information from your computer and sending it to the Virus creator.

AVG CloudCare Antivirus costs very similar to traditional AntiVirus boxed products but with all these added benefits.

  • Everything our Basic Package offers plus:
  • 2 years of AVG CloudCare
  • Unlimited Software Diagnostics*
  • Content Filtering ***
  • All this for only $189.99 per computer WOW!!!

Platinum Package

This package is for individuals or businesses that want it all!!! With absolutely no worries about your computer this package is also for the individuals or businesses that cant afford any downtime

  • Everything our Basic and Silver offers plus:
  • 3 years of AVG CloudCare, (more years are available upon request contact me for pricing for additional years)
  • 10 Hours of in home or office care for preventive maintenance (this does not include your network)
  • One Free system reload for the licensed computer during license period.**
  • Content Filtering ***
  • All this for only $299.99 per computer

After purchase I will get your file ready for download, after your file is ready you will be sent a email with a link that will allow you to download your file or you can log into your account click the “view” button on your order form and you will be able to download your file from there as well, if you need assistance in installing your program please let me know and i will be glad to assist you.


***By default this option is left unless you tell me you want it.


** This can used at the time of purchase or at any point with in the license time period. If desired to use at the time of purchase you will need to come in or ship your computer to me if you are out of town.


*What this means is if you feel for any reason that AVG is not doing its job I will check your computer out and if i find any virus they are taken off for free.