Computer Care Plus



This Plan covers the following on your computer During the duration of your active subscription. This coverage is non transferrable, 4 Serial numbers will be covered under this plan. This means you can have up to 4 computers on this plan.

Platinum package and all its coverage for all computers

Free Hard drive replacement for active subscription.

New computer every 3 years. when you renew your subscription you will have the option to get a new computer or keep your current setup.

50% off all hardware purchases excludes laptop screens and apple hardware,

10 Hrs Free Onsite time per year, or remote assistance time

This package also includes a desktop computer!!!!!! intel core i5, 8 GB ram and a SSD so the speed is unmatched.

Once the savings of the plan exceeds the purchase price of the plan, the plan can not be canceled.

This subscription is billed quarterly (every 3 months)  this plan will automatically renew until the end of the Package time which will be 3 mouths before your subscription ends.

terms and conditions apply. liquid damage or foul play is not covered.

The Price is $400.00 per billing cycle